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Bochemie is a member of the Wood Protection Association 15. 6. 2022

Bochemie has now become a member of the British Wood Protection Association (WPA), a leading not-for-profit trade association representing the needs of its members, who include large multinational timber processors, small and medium enterprises as well as researchers and scientists.

The WPA and its members share a common vision – to promote the use of wood as a building material. It fulfils this mission through:

1. Acting as a technical and advisory body providing guidance to the supply chain, suppliers, engineers and architects regarding the best ways to ensure that timber is suitable for its intended purpose.

2. Actively supporting and developing technology that increases the performance and value of sustainable softwood and wood-based panel materials – especially through conservation, wood treatment and flame retardant treatment.

The WPA also manages and oversees major research projects on behalf of this sector and, in addition, we operate the Benchmark quality scheme for preservative treated timber (which includes an independent audit and accreditation of processing operations).

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