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Bochemit and PROPAMÁTKY: Together we protect our cultural heritage! 22. 2. 2024

We are pleased to announce that we are actively involved in the preservation and restoration of our historic treasures under the auspices of the Institute for Monuments and Culture again this year. We proudly continue the tradition and with the help of Bochemit impregnation products we continuously work on preventive protection and rehabilitation of timber structures, which are part of many monuments of inestimable value.

The non-profit organization Institute for Monuments and Culture is an important partner of ours. Thanks to the PROPAMÁTKY (FOR MONUMENTS) portal, conferences and projects such as WE HAVE FUNDRAISED, it helps to preserve our cultural heritage for future generations. Their work is admirable not only in the field of monument conservation, but also as a social enterprise that provides employment opportunities for people with limited opportunities in the labor market.

See our collaboration in action here and discover the monuments that Bochemit is already protecting. You too can support the monument preservation project and be a part of something that has real significance for the preservation of our history and culture. How to do it? Be inspired.  

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