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Bochemit featured in hobby magazine on ČT1 26. 4. 2021

Všechno, co mám ráda (Everything I Love) is a lifestyle-hobby magazine programme for modern women hosted by active and inventive presenters who are not afraid to experiment and love to create. In the 107th episode, which will premiere on Thursday, 29 April 2021 at 16:45 on the ČT1 television channel, the presenters will renovate a gazebo with the aid of our Bochemit products. First, they will impregnate the wood against pests with Bochemit Opti F+ and subsequently apply Bochemit Estetik Profi, which will not only give the gazebo a new colour, but also protect it against UV radiation and moisture penetration.

Did you miss the premiere or repeat? You can watch this episode and more on the show’s website.

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