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Recipients of support, through our employee driven social programmes for 2023, are already known. 26. 4. 2023

For three years now we have brought our sponsorship activities, through our two social programmes, as close to our employees as possible. Our A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed!” programme is intended for our colleagues that face difficult circumstances in their lives, while the Work isn’t Everything” programme provides support for selected projects close to our colleagues, who take part in sports teams, organize clubs and activities for children, boy and girl scouts, and volunteer within non-profit organizations in their free time.

The recipients of support for this year are already known. We received two applications within our A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed!” programme and both have been granted. In addition, we received nine applications through our Work isn’t Everything” programme and, once again, all of them have been granted. Just like last year, we will provide support to boy and girls scouts, TIP KICK foosball, MILI FEST association, Petřvald dance ensemble, Rychvald volunteer fire department, BART art association, and young hockey players in Bohumín. We will additionally provide support this year to the Záblatí volunteer fire department and Bohumín Model Trains.

We believe that such support will help our colleagues overcome difficult circumstances and promote further development of their proposed projects. At the same time, we would also like to thank all our colleagues that have taken part in the programmes for showing their support to the people and world around them.

Click here to find out more about our social programmes for employees.

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