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We continue to support the SDO Brontosauři civic association 17. 3. 2022

We are aware that our activities have an impact on society and on the environment, and we feel that we have a significant obligation toward both. We believe that in the long term, the company’s growth and economic success can only be achieved if it acts responsibly toward its surroundings. Therefore, we continue to support the SDO Brontosauři civic association in Ostrava-Kunčice.

Part of the association is Klub Pěstoun (Foster Parents’ Club), which lends a helping hand to foster parents and foster families in the acclimatisation” of children in new families through, among other things, joint activities, education and searching for the path to a new identity and the full dimension of life in a foster family. Hippotherapy, provided under the auspices of the Dvoreček Centre, is also an integral part of the association’s activities.

Thanks to Bochemie’s support, the civic association can not only continue in its activities, but can also expand its herd of horses and build appropriate facilities for them.

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